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How to choose Handles

Select the perfect finishes.

Kitchen handles add the final touch to your kitchen cabinets and should be stylish as well as functional. There are many kinds of styles, materials, colours and finishes to choose from to form your kitchen style. Here is our guide on choosing the right kitchen handles to enhance your kitchen.


It is important to choose kitchen handles that are good quality and made out of a comfortable material. Ensure you test the kitchen handles you intend to buy, checking the grip and their use with small hands and large hands. If you have children consider investing in suitable child-friendly handles with curved edges.


Kitchen handles can make a significant difference to the overall design of your kitchen and can help achieve the style you are going for. For a traditional style kitchen, choose designs such as cup handles matching with your door knobs to complement your kitchen decor. For a contemporary style kitchen, use simple, streamlined handles in a rectangle shape or softly curved handles with clean lines. Consider a kitchen with no handles at all on your cabinetry for a modern feel.


Choosing the finish of your kitchen handles is easiest after you have decided upon the style, whether it is stainless steel, brass, pewter or chrome. Choose a finish which matches with the rest of your kitchen design elements, appliances and fittings to bring your whole kitchen together.


It is important that the kitchen handles you choose are in proportion to your kitchen doors and drawers. Choose whether or not you would like to incorporate a mix of different lengths or use the same size throughout your cabinetry for a consistent look.

A general rule is to place your handles vertically on kitchen cabinet doors and horizontally on kitchen drawers. If you ask your kitchen cabinet installers to only fit your handles after the cabinetry has been installed, it gives you the chance to test out different positions and heights of your kitchen handles before they are mounted.

The key to choosing the right handles for your kitchen cabinets is to balance the kitchen and handle aesthetics, your budget and the functionality of the handle. BK Joinery uses kitchen handles from a range of companies with high quality cabinet hardware.



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CALL US: 02 4362 1144

CALL US: 02 4362 1144