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Choose the right look for your space.

We offer a large selection of doors and panels available in Melamine, Sheen Melamine, Thermo laminated and Polyurethane.


Melamine is very economical. It comes in a large range of colours at a reasonable cost and is very durable. It is a low pressure laminate coating. The doors or panels are 16mm thick and is pre-coated on both sides in the same colour. It is high moisture resistant and the edgings of the doors are finished in 1mm and 2mm thick PVC edge. These edges unlike the traditional iron-on paper edges are extremely durable and don't go brittle with age.


Sheen doors and panels are created with glossy melamine surfaces. It has all the practicality of melamine doors with a glossy surface to enhance the look of your kitchen. It is made from 16mm moisture resistant MDF and is available with either rolled or square edges.

Thermo Laminated

Vinyl Wrap (Thermoformed or Vacuum Wrapped) is a very popular choice of material for kitchen doors and panels. It has sealed edges, is relatively low cost and is available in a large range of colours. The Thermo doors are 18mm thick and the front and edges are coated in your chosen colour. The rear or inside of the door is standard white laminate. It gives an appearance much like Polyurethane.


2-Pack Polyurethane (or Painted) doors and panels is the most sort after material in today's kitchens. It has a beautiful finish with sealed edges creating a seamless look and comes in a range of unlimited colours. The 2-pack Polyurethane doors are actually spray painted. These doors are 18mm thick and pre-coated on the face side and all four edges in your chosen paint colour. The inside or rear side of the doors are coated in standard white laminate.


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CALL US: 02 4362 1144

CALL US: 02 4362 1144