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10 Kitchen Design Essentials

Home is where the heart is; your space should live up to this.

A well-designed kitchen renovation with high quality materials can provide a great return on investment for your home. A great kitchen must be comfortable, practical, stylish and blend in with the rest of your home. Read on to find our top ten kitchen design essentials to help you plan a kitchen to suit your lifestyle and personal tastes.

Planning. You need to be sure of your design before you start planning your kitchen. Gather images of your kitchen style and research online. Find a kitchen professional like Harrington Kitchens who you can discuss your plans with and receive qualified feedback and recommendations.

Layout. The most important part of your kitchen is deciding on your layout as this will determine each placement and how you accomplish cooking tasks. You should have everything at hand where it is easily accessible. The easiest and most popular layout is a kitchen work triangle where the primary tasks of preparing, cooking and cleaning are positioned to keep traffic at a minimum.

Flooring. Your flooring must be highly durable yet stylish as it is a major design element in your kitchen. Ensure you use a non-slip material.

Storage. For an organised kitchen, maximum storage is the key. Make use of your space to create as much storage in your kitchen as possible. Research kitchen storage ideas and solutions for inspiration.

Ventilation. Proper ventilation with a good quality range hood is a safety measure and also minimises spattering of food when cooking. Ensure your kitchen has sufficient ventilation with a filtering system to prevent grease, smoke and odours.

Lighting. Your kitchen needs a variety of light sources which are not only task lighting for bench tops and cook tops but also decorative lighting to create ambience while entertaining in your kitchen.

Handles. Opt for kitchen handles which are functional as well as suit your kitchen. Kitchen handles will easily show signs of damage so use a durable material such as stainless steel to keep your kitchen looking new.

Preparation Area. Design your kitchen with a specific area for cooking preparation to ensure you have enough bench top space for other kitchen appliances. A kitchen island is a great solution for extra work space and storage.

Splashback. Splashbacks are a vital design element as they can transform the whole look of your kitchen with and colour and texture. Choose a highly functional material and suitable design.

Tapware. Look for a water efficient design that is cohesive with your overall kitchen design and is functional as well as stylish.

We hope this checklist will help you if you are planning your next kitchen renovation. Here at Harrington Kitchens we can help you renovate and transform your out-dated kitchen into your dream design, no matter what your style. We strive to create a kitchen that you will love and that will last.

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CALL US: 02 4362 1144

CALL US: 02 4362 1144